A few musings on the current state of WWE

Just a few things I wanted to get off my chest…

1 – I didn’t really want to talk about Battleground 2017, because except for a few positives, the PPV, on the whole, was garbage.

The highlights being the New Day/Usos and the Women’s #1 Contenders matches, and The Fashion Files.

The Corbin/Nakamura match exposed Corbin’s inexperience, and it just showed starkly that he is nowhere near Shinsuke’s level in terms of wrestling prowess.

Same goes with the Naomi/Lana match. There is no way that Lana should have been given a title shot for the Smackdown Women’s championship. Honestly, in my opinion, she shouldn’t be wrestling on main. She should be back at the performance center practicing to have her first NXT match.

How the hell does Tye Dillinger loose to Aiden English? Dillinger is an amazing wrestler and should get a well-deserved and earned push. Aiden English should be sent back to NXT so that he can work on a new gimmick, because the singing wrestler gimmick has already been taken by the Drifter Elias Samson.

2 – Enzo Amore

Look, I’ve read that he has a big mouth with no filter. I’ve read that he’s got a lot of back stage heat on him right now. Making him top best super jobber to the tag stars is garbage. I don’t know if he’s getting punished with all these matches or not, but Enzo has the ability to go in a couple of directions.

He could have become a manager (working or not), and he could have started his own faction named G Unit. I know that there is or was a G Unit within the music industry, but no one ever said that you can’t have more than one G Unit. He could have added a solid tag team, a solid women’s wrestler and maybe a monster singles wrestler to his ranks, and they could be a force to be reckoned with in the WWE. Hell, if they are trying to actually give Big Cass a push as a singles wrestler, Enzo could have been his manager. Those two could have been the beginning of the G Unit of pro wrestling.


Since Enzo is so popular with wrestling fans, he could have taken his popularity to a revamped 205 Live. They could change 205 to an NXT-style format, move it to before Smackdown, and allow the cruiserweights to wrestle their style, and NOT the WWE style. Honestly, it is apparent that the cruiserweights are being stifled in the current WWE style of wrestling. This show could be so awesome if allowed to be, and having Enzo show up on the first night of the revamp, and declaring himself for 205 Live would definitely be a boon.

3 – Bayley

WTF WWE?! I am so angry with the creative team of the WWE and Vince over the current state of Bayley. You took an amazing wrestler with a money gimmick and completely ruined it. You have ruined her to the point that she is getting booed during live shows—BOOED! Honestly, I think I could have done better than the creative team has to help get Bayley even more over than they have. It personally sickens me and pisses me off.

4 – AJ Styles/Kevin Owens

Please end this feud now. This feud has turned into Miz/Ambrose 2.0. It has gone on way too long, and frankly the right person, AJ Styles has the belt. AJ Styles is on the level of Cena, Nakamura, Okada, Ibushi, and Omega, while Owens clearly is not. Through the many matches that these two have had, it’s as if I am watching a replay of the same match when it comes to Owens. I dare anyone to watch the last three or four matches between these two, and not feel that way. Owens rinses and repeats the same moves in each of these matches almost point for point. In fact, if you look at the last couple of matches between Owens and Jericho, you will see a pattern to his in-ring moves. Don’t get me wrong, on the mic Owens is a top notch heel, but when it comes to in ring abilities, he is boring and repetitive, and it’s as if he’s not even trying to hide it. WWE, please put him in a feud with someone who isn’t Cena, Nakamura or Styles, because I’m hoping it will force him to actually employ some new moves.



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