WWE’s 2017 PPV schedule (and why it needs to be modified)

I am a long time wrestling fan, but with having two PPVs (pay per views) two weeks apart within the last month, I as a wrestling fan am feeling a PPV fatigue of sorts. Don’t get me wrong…I love pro wrestling, and the WWE, but I think if they modify their schedule in order to accentuate the stories, and not just have one every month for seemingly the sake of it; it would bring some of the luster and spectacle that has seemed lacking lately. This is my dream schedule for this year’s seemingly cluttered WWE PPVs.


NXT Takeover: San Antonio

Royal Rumble (Inter-faction)

The Royal Rumble is the first big PPV of the New Year and has always been my favorite PPV, because of the titular match. There is no way that this one should change or modified in any way.


Elimination Chamber (Smackdown)


Fastlane (RAW)


NXT Takeover: Orlando

Wrestlemania 33 (Inter-faction)


NXT Takeover: Chicago

Backlash (Inter-faction)

I think Backlash should be inter-factional, because with the roster Shakeup that happened after Wrestlemania this year, that I hope will become an annual event, Backlash is a good way for both promotions to end feuds that were showcased at or before Wrestlemania, and to begin new ones after the pieces have been moved.


Money in the Bank (Inter-faction)

Don’t get me wrong—Both of this year’s MitB matches were amazing, although the Women’s did end in a controversial fashion. Imagine how much more awesome this pay per view could have been if it were Inter-factional.

Imagine a Women’s MitB match featuring Bayley, Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, Natalya, Carmella, Emma, Tamina, Dana Brooke, Micki James and Nia Jax. Us fans could have seen the Four Horsewomen (Charlotte, Banks, Lynch and Bayley) standing tall in the ring together when they’d kick all the other contenders out. I would have marked out for that so hard if that’d happen. Imagine seeing Nia Jax and Tamina go at it—I’d love to see that match, and teasing it in a MitB match would give everyone just a taste of what could happen.

What if the Men’s MitB match featured Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles, Baron Corbin, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Sami Zayn, Tye Dillinger, Seth Rollins, Cedric Alexander, and Cass. We still could have gotten the Shinsuke/AJ Styles moment; we also could have gotten the AJ/Finn moment—the two former leaders of the Bullet Club squaring off for the first time. We could have gotten the Alexander/Dillenger moment, or a Zayn/Dillenger moment, or a Corbin/Joe, or a Corbin/Big Cass one—the possibilities, man…the possibilities!!!

There are so many stories that could have been told with these two matches, and so many feuds could have been teased, started or taken to their next phase, if this pay per view was an inter-factional one—so many missed opportunities.


Hell in a Cell (RAW)

Battlegrounds (Smackdown)


NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III

Summerslam (Inter-faction)



I think fans sometimes need a breather in order to be able to sit down and appreciate the amazing PPVs that have taken place within the last few months. Also with many of the feuds and storyline most times culminate with one of the big four PPVs (Royal Rumble, Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Survivor Series), it would allow the creative team of the WWE to really have a good month to start and get fully engrossed in making new feuds and fleshing out new storylines.


No Mercy (Smackdown)

TLC: Tables, Ladders, and Chairs (RAW)


NXT Takeover: Houston

Survivor Series (Inter-faction)


Clash of Champions (ALL factions)

I really think that the WWE should bring back the Clash of Champions PPV, but this time, instead of being just the champions of one show (either RAW or Smackdown), it should have EVERY champion defending their belts. That also includes the NXT and Cruiserweight championships. This PPV should be chock full of nothing but title matches. I know it may make this pay per view possibly the second longest PPV of the year behind WrestleMania, but imagine the stories that could be told in those matches. Also, it would give the members of NXT a taste of what pay per views on main shows is like.

NXT Men’s Championship

Cruiserweight Championship

Intercontinental Championship

NXT Tag Team Championship

RAW Women’s Championship

United States Championship

NXT Women’s Championship

RAW Tag Team Championship

Smackdown Women’s Championship

United Kingdom Championship

Smackdown Tag Team Championship

WWE Universal Championship

WWE Championship

If the powers that be gave each match between fifteen to thirty minutes (depending on the contenders), I think this could have the making of an amazing annual PPV full of spectacle and wonder, that sent the year off in style. When booking the date for each year’s pay per view, the bookers could make sure that it takes place toward the middle or end of the year, so as not to feel bunched up with Survivor Series. Also story wise, the storylines that could go into the New Year from the results would be like a breath of fresh air.

Now I know there are a couple planned PPVs that were missing from my list—those being Great Balls of Fire and Extreme Rules. There are a couple reasons for the omission of each PPV.

In the case of Extreme Rules, this pay per view has become a joke, to be honest, and this year’s rendition exemplified my statement. The years of the true, blood-filled affairs known as hardcore matches are no more. Gone are the matches made famous by Mick Foley, Sandman, Sabu, Raven and Terry Funk, which have been lost to WWE history, and deemed unsafe by the powers that be of the corporation, and rightly so. Extreme Rules as a PPV began so that these type of matches could be showcased. Now that those matches are not commonplace within the WWE, why continue with this PPV? Each year that they put on this PPV just make it feel like a wasted one because there’s nothing hardcore about the matches that take place at this pay per view anymore. It’s time to retired this one.

When it comes to Great Balls of Fire, this pay per view wasn’t even needed. This PPV was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me—1) the name is incredibly stupid; 2) it is not needed when the schedule is already overstuffed. Why create this PPV? Just makes no sense to me, when the schedule could have been shuffled around so that a new pay per view wouldn’t have to be created.

In closing, I think for next year’s schedule the powers that be of the WWE should really think about having a lower number of PPV. That way, fans won’t feel this fatigue that I know I feel as a wrestling fan.


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