My Love/Hate Relationship with the World of Warcraft: Part 1

I have been a WoW fan and player since the very first time I logged into the world in the latter half of 2005. Though through the years I have primarily played Alliance characters, my humble beginnings were as a low level female Orc shaman (because as a female, back then I didn’t see the point of playing a character of the opposite sex). I joined a friend and fellow guild member (through his second account) on his PvP (Player vs Player server), and was immediately struck by the world and the lore of the game. Also at the time (though even back then it was a bit cartoonish), I loved how the world looked. It was a major advancement over Ultima Online (which was my first foray into MMOs –Massively Multi-player Online games). The graphics of WoW were a major improvement to the 2d, top-down look of UO, and at the time it really helped immerse me into this world.

After just a few hours of playing on my friend’s account, I was hooked. So after I saved up the money (on a college student’s budget, it took a bit of time), I purchased a copy of what is now known as Vanilla WoW, installed it on my laptop at the time, and logged in. Since it was my first time logging into the game on my account, I had to choose a server to play on. At the time, I didn’t like PvP, so I chose the Norgannon server to play on, because it was (and still is) a “Normal” or PvE (Player vs. Environment) server. It’s still my primary server today. Once logging into the server, I made the very first of many characters over the years, a human Paladin. I chose a Paladin, because basically she is a melee fighter with healing abilities.  I slowly became competent both in the game and with my character, as I learned (through quests) about the world and lore of this world that Blizzard had built. The game was both challenging and fun to play.

A couple years after I started playing WoW, the first expansion of the World of Warcraft, the Burning Crusade was released. This expansion told the story of how the Horde and the Alliance would go to Outland in order to take the fight to the Burning Legion, and how we would defeat Illidan, the ancient betrayer. It also introduced two new races into the lore of the world—Draenai and Blood Elves. With this expansion brought new lore to the world, as well a a new profession, Jewelcrafting. Anyone that knows me, knows I am a major crafting whore. One of the main factors for me in whether I like an MMO or not is the crafting system. This expansion just added fuel to my WoW addiction.

Next came the expansion, The Wrath of the Lich King, and with it WoW’s very first hero class, the Death Knight. Til this day, Lich King is my favorite expansion. It had all the pluses I look for in a game. It had a good and interesting crafting system, the lore of the world was amazing and kept me involved. I simply loved my Death Knight (even though through the course of the expansion this class lost its hero luster). The fact that I could play a dual-wielding frost tank was amazing to me. I also loved that throughout this expansion there was always something that I could do that kept me wanting to log in.

Then in 2009, at Blizzcon, Blizzard announced that they were going to destroy the world that I loved so much. This creature called Deathwing was going to reemerge from his long slumber, and wreak havoc on the world of Azeroth; and with this event the world will be reshaped. At the time, I was really excited for the new expansion, because I was riding high off the awesome that was Wrath of the Lich King, and felt that Blizzard could do no wrong.

On the release night of Cataclysm, the hate part of my relationship with WoW began.


One thought on “My Love/Hate Relationship with the World of Warcraft: Part 1

  1. I can relate to some of what you said. I started playing in 2009, on my ex’s account. I think it was a hunter with the cute cat, so a Night Elf. After he went to work I started playing. He came home and tried to kick me off! Not cool?! Right. I was hooked. He then goes upstairs onto another computer and silently creates me an account, sets up my class, and then hollers at me. He created me a darn priest though, why? So I could be his personal healer.
    But – I love Cataclysm. To me in reminded me that even the perfect of all things can come to be destroyed in the blink of eye. It can be a lesson, that is simply just blinded.


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