Hell in a Cell 2016 was last night…

I have been a wrestling fan since the days of the AWA, NWA, Junkyard Dog and “Doctor Death” Steve Williams, and when Diamond Dallas Page was the manager and leader of the Diamond Exchange. There have been highs and lows throughout my personal fandom; but as wrestling has been in a resurgence with the women’s revolution and the independent wrestler’s invasion of the WWE, I have begun to actively watch wrestling on a regular basis again. So last night, I watched the Hell in a Cell pay per view with my hubby (who is also an old-school wrestling fan). On the whole the PPV was pretty good with some very good high spots matches that kept us entertained and involved throughout. In my opinion of the three cell matches (endings notwithstanding), I thought the matches ranked in this order: 1) Sasha/Charlotte, 2) Reigns/Rusev and 3) Owens/Rollins.

I loved the women’s match, and yes it was brutal. Both women gave it their all, and though there were a few issues, they gave a main event worthy match with all the highs and lows (the climbing the cell teases were spine-tingling) to keep viewers involved. Even though I kind of figured that the paramedics coming in after Charlotte power bombed Sasha on the announce table was a swerve based on how Charlotte was responding to it, they played the “Is she or isn’t she truly hurt?) line quite well. I will say though that they should have done that a bit later in the match for full effect. Though the ending was complete garbage and hit like a wet fart, the match on the whole was great. Really Vince…I have major respect for all of the four horsewomen, as well as many of the other women wrestlers working today, but Sasha should have won the match hands down.

Reigns/Rusev was a really good match. Rusev’s ring talents and persona were displayed excellently last night. He is a great heel, though I feel that he could someday become a great bad ass tweener/face wrestler as well. He walks that fine line very well. Last night, though he was fighting for all the baby face reasons (protector the honor of his wife, and demanding the respect of his opponent—oh and trying to win the WWE US Championship), he pulled off his heel role to near perfection. The only problem is he was facing Roman Reigns. Though people booing Reigns has just become a Pavlovian response nowadays, I thought he did quite well in the match. His selling of moves is improving with every match, and slowly he is (at least from what I’m seeing) trying to sneak in more moves to show his wrestling talents. I just think the writers and Vince should loosen the reigns (pun not intended) and let Roman have more freedom to be himself and try things. If they do, the booing fans would gain more respect for this fighting champion. I mean by the end of the match last night, there was an even number of cheers and boos for Reigns, and I think if creative just lets him loose he could make a really good tweener/face character.

I have a few reasons why I picked Owens/Rollins as my least favorite of the HIAC match. The match started off well with some back and forth. My thing is as the match went on, it felt to me as if the differences between their two styles of wrestling became more apparent with each pass. Each wrestler had their own time to shine, and there were quite a few spots in the match that garnered audible oohs and gasps (the power bomb through two tables was amazing), but Owens and Rollins two styles of wrestling just didn’t seem to mesh well together on the whole in this match for me. I actually like Rollins as a wrestler, but by the time Jericho ran in and locked himself in the cell with Rollins and Owens, I just didn’t care about the story all three were trying to tell. I am a major Chris Jericho fan–have been for many years, but honestly once he entered the picture, I knew Owens was winning the match. Jericho’s entrance was another issue for me. Historically, the Hell in a Cell matches have taken place, so that the feuds/stories between two combatants can finally have that full knockdown, drag out fight to end it all, with the two going head to head with no interference. Jericho running in bothered me for that reason. There was no blow off in my opinion–just another combatant got added into this feud, and its one combatant too many. There was no true conclusion to the feud. I feel as if the feud is now put on hold, until Rollins can deal with Jericho’s interference, and that’s unfortunate.

What do you think? Do you watch last night’s Hell in a Cell? What did you think was the best match? Let me know.


One thought on “Hell in a Cell 2016 was last night…

  1. As far as the rest of the PPV goes…

    I love Bayley. I thought she did well. Dana Brooke needs more work. I think she was called up from NXT too early, but it’s too late now. The New Day/Sheamus & Cesaro match was ok. I liked the finish, because both tag teams remained strong. I love Enzo and Cass, but I hate that they lost to the Club. The Club needed the win, but they are still languishing in a stagnant tag division. I’m glad Brian Kendrick won the Cruiserweight belt, because I don’t think TJ Perkins deserved to be champ in the first place, even if he was a third or fourth thought to be the first modern CW champ. Honestly, I would have given the first CW champ reign to either Cedric Alexander, Rich Swann or Gran Metalik, before Perkins, if indeed Kota Ibushi isn’t going to be full-time on the roster. To be honest, the Cruiserweights need to be on Smackdown Live where the real wrestling happens, but that’s my opinion. The pre-PPV match was ok. It endeared me to Tony Nese. I am loving his work in the ring more and more as each match goes by. I love Cedric Alexander, and he just continues to show why he should be CW champ. On the whole, the PPV was ok. If numbers really mattered, I’d give it a 3/5. Raw Talk after the PPV was ok, but Booker T shouldn’t try so hard to instigate drama. Let the trash talk come natural.


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